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Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland has spent her summer break visiting family, housebreaking a puppy and getting to move in with her boyfriend, High School Musical 3’s Matt Prokop.

The 19-year-old actress, who plays the ditzy oldest daughter of the Dunphy family, picked up and left her hometown of New York to move to Los Angeles last year, then booked the Modern Family gig just over a month later. While taking time off from shooting the sitcom after its first season, Sarah told Crushable she’s visited NYC and Texas, where she met her boyfriend’s family. Matt and Sarah met two years ago at a HSM3 screen test. They stayed in touch and a few months after Sarah moved to L.A. she decided to give it a go. Now the two are inseparable, appearing together on the red carpets of movies like The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and traveling to Hawaii together in March before Modern Family filmed an episode there. Matt even recently bought Sarah a maltipoo, who they’ve named Barkley Bixby, a loving tribute to her hit TV show.

“My boyfriend actually surprised me with him,” Sarah told us. “He said that we should wait until we get a bigger space to get the dog, and so I was like, ‘Okay fine.’ And then he said, ‘But if we did get one, what would we name him?’ And he [suggested] Barkley…There’s an episode where Jay, Ed O’Neill’s character has a dog butler and the dog butler’s name is Barkley. So we named him Barkley…In the Valentine’s Day episode, when my parents role play, Ty Burrell, who plays my father, he comes up with a character named Clive Bixby. So we took his role playing character’s last name and the dog butler’s first name for a perfect name.”

Sarah said she and Matt are planning to move in together — with Barkley — on August 10, although a friend might also be moving in with the couple, “So it’s not like, ‘Oh god, we’re going to be living together,’” Sarah told us.

They’ll be moving in together right around the time Modern Family goes back into production, although Sarah confesses she has no idea what the expect from the award-winning show’s second season. “I have absolutely no idea what is happening next year. At all,” she told Crushable, adding. “I think it would be really funny if Haley thought she could sing but was completely tone deaf. I keep coming up with random stuff when people ask me what’s going to happen next year. So I’m like, ‘I don’t know, that would be cool.’”

During her time on Modern Family, Sarah managed to squeeze in some movie shoots, including Mother’s Little Helpers, a movie in which she plays the girlfriend of a guy who starts an escort service for neighborhood moms in order to pay his private school tuition. Sarah also filmed a movie with her boyfriend Matt, Conception. “It’s kind of like an R rated version of Valentine’s Day,” Sarah told us. “There are 8 different couples who all have different situations and all end up pregnant. My boyfriend and I play a couple in it, and we play sophomores in high school and they lose their virginity to each other and they think they’re using a condom but it’s a really old condom. So everyone gets pregnant at the end of the movie.”

But, Sarah also told us she’s already played her dream role, on Law & Order. “I played a crazy psycho girl who murdered her roommate,” she explained. “That was a lot of fun to do. That was pretty much my dream role and I got to do it.”

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