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No need for an introduction, because Sarah Hyland has been on the scene since age five. She has played Howard Stern’s daughter in Private Parts, a young Jackie O on Broadway’s Grey Gardens, and most recently a boy crazed text-a-holic in ABC’s smash hit comedy Modern Family. Here she discusses her burgeoning indie film career, 24-hour Wal-Marts and those unsavory rumors about she and television grandpa Ed O’ Neill.

Tell me about your character on Modern Family.
Haley Dunphy is your regular stereotypical American teenager who is embarrassed by her parents, texts nonstop, and is obsessed with boys.

Are you and Haley alike?

I always have my phone on me even though I’m horrible at texting people back, and I’m not a very good cook. That’s about it when it comes to the similarities between me and Haley. As for our differences, I don’t dress like her at all and I’m too lazy to actually do my hair and makeup.

Do you have any Ed O’Neill stories you can share?

There was a rumor spreading online that me and Ed were having an affair. It was ridiculous because he’s like a grandpa to me. It was really funny and we laugh about it all the time.

You’re on hiatus from Modern Family through August. Are you working on other projects in the interim?
I recently did a couple of indie films. One is called Conception that I shot with my boyfriend (High School Musical 3’s Matt Prokop) as a couple who has sex for the first time. And the other is called Mothers Little Helpers where I play a girl who’s dating a boy who runs an underground escort service for the local mothers in town.

Now I’m going to ask you a series of random questions. Ready? What are your favorite possessions?
My iPad and my puppy

What’s the last thing you Googled?
Where a 24-hour Wal-mart is closest to Los Angeles

What websites do you go to?
Twitter, Apple movie trailers, and JustJared

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Do you have any Internet dating tips?

If you could a slumber party with and five celebrities who would they be?
Mila Kunis, Julie Bowen, Keira Knightley, Zoe Saldana and Elton John.

What are your last three downloads?
The B.o.B. album, “We Are the World, ” and “That Should Be Me,” by Justin Bieber

Where are your favorite places to go shopping?
Urban Outfitters, Planet Funk and American Apparel

Where would you go on your ideal vacation?
Somewhere exotic

Who is your celebrity crush?
Either Paul Rudd, Johnny Depp, or Leonardo Dicaprio

What TV shows do you watch?
Community, Lost, Southland and Pawn Stars

Describe a typical day in your life.
Waking up late, playing with my puppy and eating

If you could give someone a makeover who would it be and what would you do?

My mom. She’s had the same clothes for a while because she never has time for herself to go shopping. I’d give her a shopping spree and tell her to get whatever she wants.

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