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All you Modern Family fanatics out there: How awesome was this past week’s Halloween episode? Mitchell scaling the outside wall of his law firm in a Spider-Man costume…and getting caught by all of his co-workers? Amazing. A thunder, lightening, and fog machine to scare trick-or-treaters? Yup, they had it — and I want it. Gloria punching a scarecrow-clad Mitchell in the face after he startled her? Best scene of the night!

I couldn’t stop gushing about my obsession with this episode to Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy), and thankfully she was co-pilot on my best-episode-ever jet.

“It was my favorite episode so far out of the two seasons,” Sarah exclaimed. “I’m a big fan of [Halloween].”

Big fan means awesome costume idea, and Sarah does not disappoint. She and boyfriend Matt Prokop from High School Musical 3 are dressing up as TV couple Michael and Jackie from That ’70s Show.

“We love the show, and people say I look like Mila Kunis,” Sarah says. “I’ve always wanted to be Jackie for Halloween, so we just did it.”

Sarah totally passes for Mila — check out a photo from the show of Jackie and Michael together. We can see Sarah pulling off Vanessa Hudgens too, no? Troy and Gabriella next year?

This weekend Sarah and Matt are headed to a friend’s place to enjoy the Halloween festivities, but Sunday will be all about football for this “stay in rather than go out” couple.

“Sundays we watch football and order in food,” the almost 20-year-old actress shares with me. Their fave team to cheer on? The Dallas Cowboys. Eek! With an injured quarterback and 1-5 record, it’s not looking too good for them.

But hold up a sec. Sarah is a New York native. How’d she end up rooting for a rival?

“I never really had a football team growing up,” Sarah explains. “I actually didn’t really like football growing up because my parents would be just so into it. I thought, ‘They like football more than me.’ That was just me being dramatic as a five-year-old. When I got together with Matt, he was a Cowboys fan. They’re America’s team so it’s okay.”



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