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Sarah Hyland, Actress

Sarah Hyland got her start at the age of five in the Howard Stern movie, Private Parts. She’s had parts in several other movies. Her first starring foray into television was playing Brooke Shield’s daughter on the short-lived Lipstick Jungle. She also has appeared on Broadway, as a young Jackie O in Grey Gardens. But now she’s best known for playing Haley Dunphy on the Emmy winning ABC family comedy, Modern Family. She was kind enough to answer some questions for me during her busy filming schedule about the show and how she feels about winning the Emmy.

The Two Cents: What drew you to the character of Haley Dunphy?

Sarah Hyland:She’s the perfect stereotype of the American teenager. And it’s fun to play someone I’m not like.

TTC: Who is your favorite person/people to do scenes with on the show?

SH: Julie Bowen. It goes fast.

TTC: Do you have a lot of fun behind the scenes?

SH: When I’m not sleeping in between setups, ya it’s hilarious.

TTC: What was it like to win the Emmy? What did it mean to you?

SH: I’m just so grateful that we were recognized for all the hard work the crew has put into the show.

TTC:Do you have any other upcoming projects?

SH: No, I like doing one thing at a time. I tried multitasking last season and I never slept. And I love sleep.

Bonus TTC Question:

TTC: If you met someone who had never watched television, what five shows of all time would you recommend that they watch?

SH:Lost, Friends, True Blood, Entourage, & Family Guy!

Make sure to tune into the Halloween themed episode of Modern Family tonight at 9pm ET on ABC.



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