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“Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland is looking forward to Wednesday’s (Nov. 3) episode “Chirp,” when her character Haley spends quality time with her mom Claire (Julie Bowen) when they both fall sick and stay home.

“That’s really cute. Me and Julie in bed all day,” Hyland tells Zap2it. “It was awesome. Just laying down in bed together, which is my boyfriend’s dream. Who doesn’t like Julie Bowen? She’s the sexiest mom alive.”

Well, her on-screen boyfriend Dylan (Reid Ewing) certainly thinks so after accidentally seeing Claire in her lingerie via webcam.

“He hasn’t been on for a while but he’s back this episode,” Hyland confirms. She won’t go into too much detail about his part though, mainly because she doesn’t remember enough of the episode. “I am the worst person to ask for teasers and what’s going on on set. I forget as soon as we film it. I try to forget as much as possible so I can watch it fresh.”

And while Haley and Claire might be too much alike, which is why Claire knows exactly what type of trouble her oldest daughter could get into, younger and brainier sister Alex (Ariel Winter) is Haley’s opposite.

“I think they could eventually be friends, but they’re sisters and they’re young,” Hyland observes. “They’ll be friends when they’re adults. Maybe Alex is a good influence on Haley. Maybe not vice versa.”

In the interview, Hyland also discusses episodes she just shot, her dream guest star, her favorite TV show (besides “Modern Family”) and the movie she shot with her boyfriend, Matt Prokop.

What’s Haley doing in a scene you just shot this week?
Sarah Hyland: She’s jumping into bushes because she’s embarrassed by her parents. Why would that be? My legs are really sore. I don’t think I jumped into the bush right.

Can you tell us anything about Manny’s (Rico Rodriguez) birthday episode?
Hyland: Manny’s birthday party, oh yeah, that’s this week. It’s a birthday dinner with the family. It was the restaurant [Maggiano’s] at The Grove. Italian food.

Who’s your dream guest star?
Hyland: My dog Barkley’s my dream guest star. Yeah, [he’ll] need a bath too.

Besides “Modern Family,” what’s your favorite TV show?
Hyland: “Community” I love Abed and Troy. They’re hilarious. I just love that show. Annie annoys me though. She’s too goody two shoes. I don’t like the goody two shoes. I also like Britta with Joel McHale’s role. When Annie started getting up in there, I said, ‘No. I like Britta for him. Not Annie.” It’s not a Ross and Rachel thing, but I definitely want them to go on an actual date. They haven’t really done that.

How did you meet your boyfriend Matt Prokop?
Hyland: We met each other at the “High School Musical 3” casting call. I wasn’t in it. I was there for the Tiara role, but they went with the British girl [Jemma McKenzie-Brown].

Can you tell us about the film “Conception” in which you costar together?
Hyland: It’s about around eight couples or so on one night and they all conceive. It’s like an R-rated “Valentine’s Day.” It’s very tasteful, well, our storyline anyway. We are one of the couples. We’re sophomores who like lose their virginity to each other and everything. It’s such a sweet little moment. It’s not anything crazy.



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