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Many, many thanks to TV Guide magazine for giving us not one, but THREE covers celebrating ABC hit “Modern Family”–complete with Christmas sweaters! You can’t beat a ‘Modern Family Christmas.’

The cast divided and conquered into smaller family units for the entertainment magazine’s ‘Cheers & Jeers of 2010 Issue.’ The Wednesday night comedy tops the magazine’s ‘list of the year’s best TV,’ and they look rather festive doing it, too.

According to writer Shawna Malcom, the cast, crew, writers, and creators, Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, have a great deal to celebrate this holiday season. Says Malcom, “Leave it to ‘Modern Family’ to find a way to make even the most embarrassing situation… daringly funny.”

The show’s contemporary “comedic portrait of a multi-generational clan” has outpaced “Grey’s Anatomy” as the highest-rated scripted show on ABC, nabbing 14.7 million devoted viewers (like me!) every week.

Success like that is a rarity not lost on Lloyd. He tells the magazine, “Anybody who’s been doing this a long time realizes how many lucky things have to come together just right for [success] like this to happen.” He adds, “You have to take a moment like this and enjoy it, because the likelihood of it ever happening again is so remote.”

However it happened, fans are thankful for “Modern Family” this–and any other, for that matter–holiday season.



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