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Modern Family’s attitudinal teen Hayley Dunphy wouldn’t be caught dead partying with her mom Claire.

Not the case in real life with Sarah Hyland, who hits the town with her mother. But it’s not like we have another Lindsay and Dina Lohan on our hands.

We caught up with the Modern Family actress today who told us sometimes she’s just forced to go out with her mom, not that she loves it or anything.

What did she have to say about it?

We spoke with Hyland today backstage at the Christian Siriano show during New York Fashion Week, where the actress, who plays popular 17-year-old Haley on the series, told us it’s simply a matter of her being 18-years-old in real life and not yet being legally able to drink or be in places that serve alcohol. The sweet actress also told us she was in town for her very first Fashion Week.

“It is my first Fashion Week. I’ve been to Fashion Week parties, I dont know if I’m allowed to say that because I am still not 21,” she told E! News laughing. “I actually went to some parties with my mom, I’m like 18, it was pathetic.”

Hyland was headed to the Siriano post-function bash, before jetting off to L.A. for a 6 a.m. Monday call time.

“I’m going to the after party tonight, that’s my only endeavor for the week,” she said.

As for why she flew in for Siriano’s show only, she told us she loves the designer and was dressed head to toe in his dress, shoes and belt.

“I love Christian, and I love all of his clothes, they’re so creative and out there. Somehow he makes it so beautiful and elegant and fun at the same time, so I love his work.”

Work on Modern Family has been fun she told us, saying that Haley will be looking at colleges this season and will once again be back on with bad-boy boyfriend Dylan.

“It’s great, lots of fun. It’s Hayley’s senior year? junior year? She’s 17,” she said. “Last we left off we [Haley and Dylan] were still together. Dylan’s back this season, Phil loves Dylan.”


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