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dele can count Modern Family star Sarah Hyland as a fan.

The 20-year-old actress not only loves the British singer’s powerhouse voice, but she credits her hit song “Someone Like You” for saving her life…

It all happened last week when Hyland’s boyfriend lost control of their car they were driving in on an L.A. freeway during a rainstorm.

“It was so foggy you couldn’t see ten feet ahead of you,” she told us at the American Music Awards nominations announcement in Los Angeles. “He had an audition and we were going through lines. He would have been focusing on remembering his lines [but] ‘Someone Like You’ came on the radio, so we blasted it to sing along to it. And then we hit a water pocket…The wheels turned to the right and locked and then it spun.”

Despite spinning multiple times, there was no damage to the car and Hyland and her beau were uninjured. “We were just really shaken up,” she says, adding, “It’s like, ‘Thank you for saving my life!’ ”

We’ll assume Hyland won’t be mocking Adele on Fashion Police anytime soon.



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