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Q: Your characters have to deal with high school. Did you go to school, or were you tutored on sets?

A: I went to (Professional) Performing Arts School in (New York). It was a small school. We didn’t have cheerleaders or football players or nerds.

Q: Given that you have done stage work and TV, what’s your preference?

A: I love musical theater. I loved musicals when I was doing them. I was in school when I did “Annie” at the Paper Mill (Playhouse). I was in seventh grade. When I did “Grey Gardens,” I was a junior in high school. Being a child actor, it’s not the easiest to juggle school and work. I was always a straight-A student. I wasn’t slacking off. I am very grateful I don’t have to do school and work at the same time. I love TV. I love the schedule. It’s great. I would love to try and do a musical without school because I am a night owl, so the whole 6 a.m. calls for “Modern Family” isn’t the most fun for me because I am not a morning person at all.

Q: Do you miss New York?

A: No. New York is really changing. I don’t like it at all. I grew up in the East Village. Times Square is a freaking shopping center with tables and chairs. My high school was right down the block from the Winter Garden (Theatre), so I spent a lot of time in Times Square, and it’s now a shopping center with chairs and tables and even heading down to Herald Square. I am not the biggest fan of this whole thing.



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