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I found out that Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland is one of our neighbors in the Valley. She didn’t want to specify exactly which neighborhood she lives in, but she does live north of the canyons.

Hyland plays the Dunphys’ oldest daughter Haley. They might call her “the dumb one,” at least her sister Alex (Ariel Winter) would. She’s also the object of young men’s affection, with her dad (Ty Burrell) sometimes buddying up with the dudes.

The hit comedy has made Hyland famous, and also infamous. When Charlie Sheen joined Twitter, she was one of the seven people he followed. She did not know Sheen in real life. At a cocktail party for ABC, Hyland dropped a few hints about her life in the Valley and what’s in store for Haley Dunphy.

PATCH: Have you been happy that the kids on Modern Family have been given a chance to be as funny as the parents?

SARAH HYLAND: Yes, of course. They’re great kids and they are so funny so it’s nice to see everyone get their chance to shine on the show.

PATCH: When I say kids, I should have specified the actors playing the kids. I know you’re not still a teenager.

HYLAND: Oh, you’re talking about me. I thought you were actually talking about them.

PATCH: Yeah, I meant that they’ve allowed you to have funny scenes also.

HYLAND: Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. I’m very happy with what I’ve been able to get to do.

PATCH: Could you have imagined how things would have developed by season 3?

HYLAND: No. You always hope it to go this way but you never actually know if it is not so I’m very grateful.

PATCH: I think Haley is so sweet, no matter how “dumb” she is. She’s so endearing. Why do you think that is?

HYLAND: I love playing the dumb girl. I think it’s a lot of fun. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Haley has a lot of bratty moments. My favorite moments with Haley are when she’s just plain stupid.

PATCH: Is it that she’s trying so hard and doesn’t get it?

HYLAND: I just don’t think it computes with her. I don’t think she’s quick enough to catch things.

PATCH: What do you think Haley’s prospects are for the future?

HYLAND: I don’t know. College doesn’t seem to be real appealing to her right now, nor is she appealing to college. So I don’t really know what’s happening with Haley.

PATCH: Wouldn’t college be a fun place for her?

HYLAND: If she can get in.

PATCH: She could just find a party school.

HYLAND: Some community college.

PATCH: How has your life changed since the show pretty much became an instant hit?

HYLAND: I get to live in a bigger place.

PATCH: What kind of house did you buy?

HYLAND: I haven’t bought a house. I still rent. I’m still a renter but I’m living in my first house so that’s cool.

PATCH: What part of L.A. did you move to?

HYLAND: The Valley.

PATCH: Are you in North Hollywood or Studio City?

HYLAND: Around there.

PATCH: Where do you shoot Modern Family?

HYLAND: At the Fox lot.

PATCH: So how do you get to 20th Century Fox on the west side from your home in the Valley?

HYLAND: I drive.

PATCH: Right, but what way do you go?

HYLAND: It depends on rush hour and everything like that. Without traffic and everything, it’s pretty fast.

PATCH: What makes your home the perfect home for you?

HYLAND: My puppy. I call him a puppy but he’s like a year and a half old. He’s not really a puppy.

PATCH: Where do you like to go in the Valley?

HYLAND: I don’t want people to know where I go.

PATCH: Have you had any more interesting Twitter follows?

HYLAND: Oh, since the Charlie Sheen thing? I don’t know.

PATCH: Have fans reached out to you in really sweet ways?

HYLAND: Yeah, there’s a marine that asked me to the marine ball. He tweeted me a picture of himself holding a piece of paper that said, “Will you go with me to the Marine Ball, Sarah Hyland, on October 29th.” I tweeted him back: “I believe I’m working at that time and I have a boyfriend so on both accounts I wouldn’t be able to go with you.” Then people really didn’t like that. People were very upset. They were like, “He fights for you and your country.” In my tweet I thanked him for what he does for us every day and putting his life on the line and stuff. People weren’t saying very nice things. When he saw what I tweeted him and what people were saying about it, he rose to my defense so he said, “It’s okay. Just the fact that you tweeted me was enough and I figured you wouldn’t be able to go anyway.” So it was very nice of him.

PATCH: Are you getting to do movies now too?

HYLAND: Yes, I did two. I did a Disney Channel movie called Geek Charming with my boyfriend Matt Prokop and Chris Colfer’s new movie that he wrote called Struck by Lightning. Matt was actually in that with me as well.

PATCH: What do you get to play?

HYLAND: Well, the first one, Geek Charming, I play a very stuck up girl who’s very rich and then she gets a lot deeper. In Struck by Lightning, I play a bitchy cheerleader.

PATCH: Does that come naturally?

HYLAND: Apparently, people think I’m a bitch so that’s what I’ve been cast as lately.

PATCH: You’ve been very nice to me. I don’t think you’re a bitch.

HYLAND: Thank you.



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