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The world knows her as the vacuous Dunphy daughter Haley in Modern Family (in which real-life boyfriend Matt Prokop has been cast) but 21-year-old Sarah Hyland has worked with everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Adam Sandler.

Coming soon: a starring role in Struck by Lightning, a film written by Chris Colfer from Glee. But first, her Disney Channel movie Geek Charming.

>> You’ve been working since you were about zero years old.
Since about like five.

>> Your parents are in the industry so they wouldn’t have been upset that you wanted to become an actor and face the disappointments that come with that, would they?
When I first started they didn’t really like me doing it, because they knew the trials and tribulations and the rejection, and they didn’t want a child to go through that. But I kind of forced them into it. So it worked out.

>> Geek Charming is so cute, and how exciting to have been able to make it with your boyfriend.
I had such fun. Even though it’s a Disney Channel movie, I feel like it’s really different. I haven’t seen a Disney Channel movie like this since Tru Confessions with Shia LaBeouf . It’s a lot deeper (but) when you’re in a Disney Channel movie your dress has to be a certain length, it can’t go past your fingertips.

>> Are you joking?
No I’m not joking. So at all the fittings I had to put my arms down and if the dress was shorter than the end of my fingertips then I couldn’t wear it. So I feel like if the dresses were shortened a little bit … I feel like with the tiniest adjustments to the movie it could’ve been a movie released in theatres.

>> Who’s going to be upset by a short skirt?
It was weird because we were filming the movie and then in between scenes they were doing some behind-the-scenes of it to air on Disney Channel, but Disney representatives were like, “You can’t wear that in the interview”, because they were spaghetti straps. Like, on the dress.

They were really tiny straps. And I was like, “What do you mean I can’t wear it?” And they were like, “They’re the same width as bra straps, so you have to put a jacket over it.”

>> Aren’t people funny.
I get it, with certain things, because it’s a kids’ channel and a kids’ movie, but I don’t understand spaghetti straps.

>> Have you had different offers since the success of Modern Family?
Modern Family has definitely opened up a lot of doors and I will always be grateful. And it’s funny, the roles I’m playing more often now and that people are thinking of me for, it’s more like the stupid party girl, bitchy roles and stuff.

So it’s kind of funny what one role can do for you. It opens so many doors but those doors are all leading to that character you’re already playing.

>> How much more of Modern Family do you want to do?
I’m willing to ride it out until the end… for as long as it goes.


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