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This week’s the Halloween episode of Modern Family! Unfortunately, it will be minus one Sarah Hyland (aka Haley Dunphy). No worries though, because there’s actually an alternative to get your Sarah fix. {Cue Nintendo DS’ Play As You Are campaign for its Style Savvy: Trendsetters video game!} We showed you your first look at the ad, but here’s your chance to really delve into Sarah’s latest project. Keep reading for more on her new promotion, plus find out what she says about her Struck by Lightning co-star, Chris Colfer, working with her boyfriend, Matt Prokop, her upcoming movie and more!

Teen: Why did you decide to participate in the Play As You Are campaign?
Sarah: The game I’m speaking for is Style Savvy: Trendsetters. It’s really cool because no matter the age of a girl or a woman, you can play it. Basically, you get to own your own boutique and put outfits together, experiment… It’s so easy — I use it on the show — because I don’t really like trying clothes on, and this way I can see how I’d look in outfits without having to… There weren’t any video games designed for girls when I was a young teen, so I think this is really cool.

Teen: Since you’ll be in the ads for this fashion game, who are some of your personal favorite designers?
Sarah: Marchesa and Dior [on the red carpet]; Wildfox, Brandy Melville [off the red carpet]… I like to wear casual pieces. [Editor’s Note: She co-designed the Marchesa gown she wore to the 64th Primetime Emmys!

Teen: Dianna Agron’s also part of Play As You Are. Do you watch Glee? Obviously, you’ve worked with Chris Colfer.
Sarah: Yes, I do…

Teen: Chris actually told us he would love to have you on the show!
Sarah: That would be amazing! I used to be on Broadway, so it’d be great to sing again. A lot of people don’t know I can sing because I don’t, like, post it everywhere. I mean, I sing, but I don’t really sing. I sing in the shower, in the car…

Teen: You should totally tell the Modern Family guys you want to sing on the show!
Sarah: Haha, yeah. Just be like, “Hey guys, I can sing.” Haha.

Teen: Did you do kind of the same thing for Matt? Like, when he was on the show?
Sarah: Oh, no. I would never ask for him to be on the show because that’s, like… unprofessional. :laughs: But they always wanted him to be on the show, so it just worked out.

Teen: You’ve played opposite him in Geek Charming, as well as the upcoming Struck by Lightning. What’s it like to work with him on set?
Sarah: Well, in Struck by Lightning, we weren’t really in any scenes together, so there’s that. :laughs:

Teen: We watched your episode of Punk’d where Lucy Hale is the host and you prank Vanessa Hudgens. How were you approached about that?
Sarah: The MTV guys asked if I wanted to do Punk’d, and at the time, I didn’t know Lucy was hosting. But yeah, I thought Vanessa would be great. It’s actually really cool because, like, they ended up using one of my ideas on another episode. I think Dianna’s, actually. Where she gets pranked by [Jessica Szohr’s] “grandpa.”

Teen: You recently tweeted about your love for Bruno Mars. Who are some of your other fave music acts?
Sarah: fun., P!nk, Ed Sheeran. The Passengers… Yeah.

Teen: You also filmed a movie called April Apocalypse. Can you tell us a little about it?
Sarah: It’s really different from the other things I’ve done because I actually play a zombie! So I got to do my makeup all creepy… It’s set in the present day.

Make sure to keep a look out for Sarah’s Play As You Are campaign for Nintendo DS’ Style Savvy: Trendsetters, as well as her holiday ad featuring Sparkle Snapshots 3D soon! Oh, and even though she’s not on tonight’s episode, make sure to tune in to see Sarah on Modern Family, Wednesdays at 9pm EST on ABC.


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