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In this week’s limited release Struck by Lightning, Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) co-stars as Claire Mathews, the antagonist to Chris Colfer’s plucky wannabe journalist Carson Philips. As members of the student council (and opposite spectrums of the high school hierarchy: Claire is cool, Carson very much not so), the two often come to a head over such trivial matters as the class prom theme or the structure of the yearbook or whose club – Chris’s newspaper or Claire’s cheerleading team – is more important. However when Carson catches Claire in an uncompromising position with the gym teacher, he has all the fuel he needs to blackmail her into writing for him and tilting the social hierarchy more in his favor.

In the following interview with Sarah Hyland, she discusses her earliest literary pursuits, what drew her to Struck by Lightning and what’s coming up for Haley on Modern Family.


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