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Sarah Hyland will debut the four new fragrance collections — each including a body mist, a shimmer mist, a body lotion and an exfoliating body wash — this spring in a series of muli-media advertisements! “I love the concept of playing up different sides of my personality, so whether I’m walking the red carpet or going out for a night with friends, it’s fun to mix and match with my scents,” Sarah says.

“I’m so excited to be partnering with Heart Calgon, a new collection from the iconic ‘Take Me Away’ brand, Calgon,” Sarah continues.

Sarah will appear in four campaign embodying each scent. The newest fragrances include “Sweet Crush,” “Fresh Start,” “Rock Steady” and “Hot Date.”
What The New Collection Smells Like

Fresh Start is a blend of crisp apple, jasmine and water lily. Sweet Crush is a romantic blend of grapefruit and peony. Rock Steady is a medley of wild berries, passion fruits and amber. Hot Date is a thrilling combination of vanilla, pear and exotic floral.

The new scents are geared towards a younger demo, which Sarah can help relate to and inspire. The best part? The price is under $5!

The scents are super affordable for the younger audience, and are available at select Walgreens now and will be launched nationwide this spring.


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