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Given her red carpet steez and consistently on-point hair, makeup, and nail art game, it should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that Sarah Hyland has nabbed herself a beauty campaign. Our only question is, what took so long?! The 22-year-old Modern Family star is the new spokesperson for Heart Calgon, the cool little sister brand of drugstore fave Calgon. And while the company’s vintage ’70s “Take Me Away!” commercial is forever ingrained in our memories, Heart Calgon’s affordable and sweet-smelling shimmery mists, lotions, and body wash are totally modern and fresh. Just in time for the products to hit select Walgreens stores, Sarah unveiled her campaign in New York City. In between munching on chocolates (the launch was at Dylan’s Candy Bar, what can we say?), we quizzed the actress on her beauty routine, her love for sneaker wedges, and why she doesn’t believe in fashion moment regret. Peep our exclusive interview with Sarah below!

MTV Style: Congrats on the new campaign! What’s your favorite scent in the Heart Calgon collection?

Sarah Hyland: I love “Fresh Start,” because it has ingredients like jasmine and lilies and just is really clean. I like how it smells sort of like fresh laundry. It sounds weird, but I love that smell! It’s actually my boyfriend’s [Matt Prokop] favorite, too, and it’s one of the reasons I did the campaign.

Would you consider yourself a high-maintenance beauty person, or are you more the type to run out the door and go?

I’m definitely way more likely to run out the door and go! I don’t normally wear too much makeup, and I’ve learned to do it really fast. I’ve had a lot of practice. [laughs]

Who were some of your beauty icons growing up?

Friends-era Jennifer Aniston was my beauty icon when I was a kid and a teenager. She’s just America’s sweetheart, and I, like everyone else, was obsessed with “The Rachel.” Also, when I was in middle school I REALLY wanted to be Baby Spice. I got a pair of platforms—or what I thought were platforms, but they were barely one inch tall!—and would wear them all the time. We used play a game where we would pretend to be Spice Girls at lunch in school, and I always had to be Posh Spice because my friends said I looked most like her.

That’s a compliment!

Yeah, now I appreciate it. I’m like, “Whoa, yeah, I’ll be Victoria Beckham!” But I was obsessed with Baby back then, she was just so cute. I still think her style influences me today.

How so?

Well, I love sneaker wedges. I have four different pairs now- from brands like Nike and Steve Madden—but I’m always on the hunt for more. Also, I feel like ’90s fashion is just everywhere now.

Speaking of ’90s, was there any trend you used to be into where now you look back, like, “What was I thinking?”

Hm… you know what? I can’t really think of one. It’s one of those things that looking back, you loved what you were wearing at that time. I believe that as long as you genuinely like your outfit, that’s what really matters. In fashion so much stuff from the past comes back around again, so you never know. When I was in, like, 7th grade, I would wear clothes with kittens and puppies on them… I definitely wouldn’t wear it now, but back then it was fine. [laughing]


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