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As fun as it was to catch up with Sarah Hyland at last night’s Emmy Awards, it’s not really TV we want to talk about with the “Modern Family” actress. NOPE. ‘Cause the role we’re all waiting to see her play isn’t some small-screen business; it’s the big, bloody, beeeeeaauutiful part of Natalie Dashkov, unassuming member of the St. Vladimir’s student body, in “Vampire Academy.”

Fortunately, it turns out that Sarah is as psyched about the film as we are—and just as invested in seeing a movie that’s faithful to its source material. After confessing to being an avid member of the Harry Potter fandom, the actress talked about the difficulties in adapting a much-loved literary series for the big screen without losing anything essential in translation…especially when, as far as fans are concerned, it’s all essential.

“There’s always going to be something that’s missing,” she told VH1 on the red carpet, “but ‘Vampire Academy’ actually stays really true to the book.”

Which makes the next question obvious: When you say “true,” you mean we’re gonna see lots and lots of steamy sexy scenes between the students of St. Vlad’s, right? (You know, strictly in the interest of being faithful to the original material. Ahem.) And while Sarah couldn’t exactly answer the question in detail, she definitely answered it in spirit—growling, “I was not on set that day”—with all the angst and irritation of a person who knows she missed out on spectating some major naked hotness.

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